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Pricing includes processing and storage costs.


Cord Blood


for 24-months


Payment Options:
One-time ($3,299)
24-months ($137/mo)

20 Years of Storage

Potential Treatment Uses:
Blood Disorders
Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome
Metabolic Disorders
Immune Disorders


Cord Blood,
Cord Tissue, &
Placental Tissue


for 24-months


Payment Options:
One-time ($6,599)
24-months ($275/mo)

20 Years of Storage

Potential Treatment Uses:
Lung Diseases
Orthopedic Surgery
Wound Healing
Eye Conditions
Graft vs Host Disease


Cord Blood +
Cord Tissue


for 24-months


Payment Options:
One-time ($5,699)
24-months ($237/mo)

20 Years of Storage

Potential Treatment Uses:
Cerebral Palsy
Multiple Sclerosis
Orthopedic & General Surgery

Potential additional charges: $199 collection kit. $79 shipping. $189 optional rush handling fee.

Competitors' cord blood storage plans cost 69% more on average than Americord.


Pricing reflects 18- or 20-years of storage for cord blood banking at a one-time payment. Discounts, shipping, or additional fees not included. Last updated 4/27/2022.

Why Choose Americord?


CryoMaxx™ Processing maximizes endless stem cell utility


Five Compartment storage bags to maximize utility


Industry's highest quality guarantee: $110,000


Parent’s #1 choice for cord blood and stem cell banking


White-glove medical courier service


FDA Regulated & AABB Accredited*

No Compromises.
No Cut Corners.

At Americord, we provide the highest-quality stem cell processing and the lowest storage rates in the industry, without cutting corners or compromising our level of service.


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You only have one chance to bank your baby's stem cells, and that's the day they are born.

Make sure you choose the company that has the best processing methods to ensure the health of your family for generations:

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Why is Stem Cell Processing Important?
(And why you should be wary of others who discount processing.)

Processing your baby’s stem cells is the most important step of the preservation process. How they are handled, processed, and prepared for storage directly affects the usability for future treatments.

Cheaper processing costs means cheaper, corner-cutting processing methods.

At Americord, our scientists’ primary focus is ensuring the highest-level quality processing, each time. CryoMaxx™ Processing maximize stem cell usage and utility, giving families more options for more treatments.

Beware of frequent price hikes with annual plans.

Many families with annual payment plans for stem cell storage experience frequent annual rate hikes.

Many cord blood banks promote “no price increases,” but their stem cell storage contracts contradict this messaging. They can increase rates without customer consent.


*Based on Better Business Bureau customer complaints filed against CBR on